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The skyline of Miami, Florida.

Miami is situated in southern Florida on the Atlantic coast of the USA. The city lies in Biscayne Bay. at the mouth of the Miami River.

Settlers began coming to the area now known as Miami in the 1870’s, on the original site of Fort Dallas, constructed during the war with the Seminole Indians. The city began to expand rapidly and was incorporated in 1896, following the construction of the rail link, that joined the city with West Palm Beach. Since this period the city has undergone continuous urban growth, becoming a luxurious city and one of America’s most famous bathing and health resorts.


Tips For Travelers. Edit

Miami is a relatively safe American city, but visitors should still exercise caution when they go out. Most of the crimes in the city are theft-related, so take extra care to safeguard your valuables. The beaches a…

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