train travel usa

train travel usa

Tips for USA Train Travel | Nozin Blog

train travel usa

Tips for USA Train Travel

Train travel has been called the “grand dame of leisure journeys ” for good reason. Much like taking a cruise, trains allow you to savor the journey on your way to your destination. It also enables you to see different places without ever leaving your guest quarters.

Also, if you fancy doing something gentle for the planet, a train ride will have the biggest ppositive impact on the environment. According to a recent report. just one individual taking a train instead of flying can cut Carbon dioxide emissions by a staggering 90%. All this and a scrumptious lunch in the dining car too!

If you’re planning to travel by train this year, here are 7 tips to get you on the right track.

1. Ask about a USA Rail Pass for short, medium or long trips. It may…

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