Glaciers, thousand-year-old water. Thousand-year-old power of the nature.
How far in time was the last glaciation?
When will be next? or better said: when will we cause next?

Meantime try to take your chance, do not die without doing as much as possible to see one of them.

Its size, its continuous movement, its power, everyting about them slightly escape from our comprehension.
There can be ten-stories-tall studies, documents and scientifist reports about them, but glaciers will always be above us,
they will always have something that we will never really understand.

Formed millions years ago they use to grow in the top of a mountain, with a 300 meters depth of ice layer and a length that can be over 25 kilometers,
they move step by step till they die. The slope uses to end at the sea, but it can also go to a river or just die in the field like the Matanuska Glacier

The typical blue color is due to a couple of facts:

First of all because it is frozen water, better said frozen snow and rain, the cold temperatures keep it like that.
That water is poor in the typical minerals that you can find in normal water, but there are a few different minerals that you can find in a glacier.
The glacier is carrying with him an incredible amount of salt or salpetre (sediments), that comes from the mountains, that comes from the erosion made by the glacier
against the walls that form its path. Is a very thin salt, pretty dark and not very good tasty.
It just look like crushed ashes (if that is possible)

The second one is the clouds, and the sun. Because of the color temperature, i’m not pretty sure about it, but as a photographer is the first idea tha comes to my mind.
Anyway if you see a glacier in a sunny day you will just see nothing. The reflection will be so big that you will only see the biggest ice-cube ever.

In Japan they even sell bottled water that is said to come from glaciers, so you can drink "the oldest water in world"

This photo is a small panoramic one made up with only two photos.


Exit glacier

Matanuska glacier

Prince William Sound

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